• I’m a 27 year old white female rapper from downtown Neworleans. I’m looking for people to hear my story and I would like to perform at the House of Blues

    Aristina (Aka) BMFD
  • I got in trouble was unable to book last time but want to this time IM THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE NO PAD NO PIN ANY TOPIC I KNOW ONCE IM HEARD SOMEONE WILL BE THANKFUL CUZ IMMA BRING THE HOUSE HOME!!! https://youtu.be/8MVUyy2qzm8.

    Almasih dking
  • Iā€™m tryna perform at house of blues Houston

    FM Quez
  • I am interested in booking performances for our artists on your Houston and New Orleans House of Blues dates.

  • Just purchased the package..im stoked for this denver show im new to this rap demo,but my musik is considered real life struggle rap.lets get it.


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